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HPPD only in the dark


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Does anyone have the same? I've been pretty lucky to not experience any dp/dr with this stuff, it's fine during the day and I've never been debilitated by my symptoms at all.

Except In the dark, where my visual snow is most prominent and I occasionally get light purple/red spirals with dark shadowy things dancing around in my peripheral. It's so bizarre, began occurring after I had my first and only trip on mephedrone. Peoples faces get really staticy as well sometimes in pitch black and that's probably what bothers me the most.

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Everyone has some kind of static in the dark - whether it's noticeable or not, it's a natural phenomenon to see red and blue static in the dark (mines diff colours now though).

It's the swirly colours and moving blotches I get in the dark.

I get slight halos/after images in dim light but that's about it

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