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New to the forum - can anyone recommend supplements?

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Hi folks


I've only just joined the forum. I've had HPPD for 20 years after taking acid as a 14-year-old. It's been a rocky road but I've managed to get by somehow, and lead a fairly normal life.


Things got better over the years but I've recently had a bit of a relapse after stupidly thinking it was ok to take cocaine. Hopefully it's only a temporary flare.


I've never tried any supplements or medications but after reading some of these posts, I'm now curious. Can anyone recommend any supplements, vitamins, herbs etc that have made a difference?


I don't want to start taking benzos etc, as my anxiety is manageable and I'm fairly happy and balanced. It's the visuals that really get me down, and the feeling of not being able to think very clearly.


Really grateful for any advice!

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In general most supplements don't work, magnesium is about the only one that works for most. For a long term situation like you I recommend getting doctor prescribed medication, there are several non benzo meds that have helped many like Keppra. Lamactil and sinemet

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