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Tinnitus increasing

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So I went to a show last night and again the only thing I did was drink a little while all my other buddies rolled face but when I got home my tinnitus was 10x worse than normal and when I got up this morning it didn't seem to improve. Am I screwed or will it go back down to normal?

At one point I thought I was going to pass out cause it was so loud. I put a fan on in my room and somehow got to sleep but yeah should I just stay away from shows now too? I love concerts and I just dont want to not be able to go to them. It keeps my mind off my symptoms!

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It will go back down

I've gone to plenty of incredibly loud shows ( saw SWANS a couple months ago which was the loudest band I have ever seen and didn't think I would recover from the punishment my ears took)

and I play in a band and we don't puss out on the volume

I have constant tinnitus too but it fluctuates

What bad did u see?

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