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Quitting Smoking.

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Just figured I'd post here, hope this is the right place, it's not necessarily HPPD related. Tomorrow I quit the nicotine. There are many reasons, of course, financial, health, and otherwise. Did I mention financial? It's going to be rough, i'm sure. I've been smoking at least a pack every day for 5 years, the last year closer to two packs a day.

Anyway, I've got a lot of baby carrots to keep my mouth occupied, and i'm hoping looking at the money i've saved every week will garner some motivation. Mostly i'm just sick of cigarettes.

All the chemicals and crap in them may even be effecting my HPPD, I really don't know, so I'll post anything I notice...but well see.

Wish me luck...

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thanks guy, appreciate it. four days in and I'm doing okay. I wish I could tell you I haven't smoked a single cigarette, but i've smoked two per day the last two days, none before that. Going from 2 packs a day to 2 cigs a day i'm happy with for now. All I can say is i'm going to give this my best shot and hopefully quit all together soon.

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