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Talking to my mom

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So today is my 17th birthday and first thing I thought about was what would happen when I turn 18 and still have HPPD and dp/dr ? Somehow my dad got my new phone number and has been being a pain in the ass about how my birthday will go since his is the next day. So I told my mom that I don't want to still have this shit by the time I turn 18 and she scheduled another appointment for i think, this week. I have been telling her to take me to six fags or SeaWorld or something to get out of the house cuz nothing is worse than being stuck at home with dp/dr and HPPD in my face. For those of you who got HPPD as teenagers, what was it like when your turned 18 ?

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dont wait for a cure ...cause you dont know when or if it happens at all...you know what dp/dr is?...its constant worrying about things that wont happen or if so, you cant do something against it..which makes it useless to worry about them. so stop the cycle of worrying and stop thinking about things you cant change or affect, cause all that keeps you away from living in the moment...if you live here and know and only think what you can do now..means you cant have dp/dr/anxiety.


living in the future or in the past (worrying), never helped anyone.


the future cant be good if you dont do something for it in the presence....

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