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I'm not a doctor but cmon, any doctor (even ones who take drugs) will tell you disassociatives for people with dp/dr is just not worth the risk.

You don't need "big amounts of weed", after getting HPPD it's a sign for all of us that moderation is key... Provided you want to take this risk again.

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man i dont have hppd anymore...i just have dpd and its fading so i guess i can smoke one day again...the amounts of weed or drugs i take in general are growing cause dpd is fading slowly...i just cant live without mary jane and i want to enjoy it ...there is no way that i will stay sober...but i still think about all the crazy shit ive been through and what a pity it is that i have never tryed ayahuasca and smoked dmt only once without a proper breakthrough..


dont you think its just not woth staying sober for the rest of life...its an incredible waste of time...just babying myself and living like an old man...this is not fun at all...its a torture..just waiting till i die cause the rest of my life will be boring 

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instead you are waiting for the dpd goes away try find new ways to enjoy life.

even when i didnt had hppd i goth every time bad trip from weed after couple years smoking weed i try back every year that passed every time the same i think its never wil go away once you are sensetive for it

and there are a lot things in life you can enjoy it soon or late you will realize you cant do drug again like before

that days has been passed and never wil come back life goes on and its time to chance on move on

or you wil geth dissepointed every time

i discieted to do try psydelics again when i was in my wors hppd time to find a gateway buth i am glad i didnt that maybe it could be my end

it wil be sad to end your life with a bad trip

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i bet you cant imagine how bad the things you say make me feel...i just cant enjoy life without durgs...this will never change...and what you're trying to tell me makes me feel so depressed and useless that i just want to die right away.


the world is a sad and boring place to be..its so terrible that i cant take this any longer without putting something (drugs/meds what ever you call it..doesnt matter) into my system


...i just cant see how you survive it..

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man i have very limted things in my life now buth some how i enjoy life again i thought i like you drugs its the only way to enjoy life for me i realize thats no more posibel i am sure every body have things he can enjoy new things he didnt discovered

keep listing and search for new music and watching wat i like its one of my key to enjoy life and smoking sigarets

try maybe to do sport to create more dopamine in your brain or one herb that even neurologist prescribe for parkinson mucuna pruriens because of high contains of l-dopa just need to find a good source

there is been anhoter supp thats called PAE that also have great effect to feel high

this 2 things i want to try a read a lot of it seems to work for lot of people

i am also searching new supps to make more quality life

like i said you can search new ways like this mayby you find something new you very loved and this is a more safer way

buth psydelics i forgot it

just keep searching is the key

if something not working move on

i took for me a while to bring the switch of to i cant enjoy life again like for with drugs

maybe long after you enjoying life again with somethig else you give your body a better condition to heal maybe you can delay it psyedelics so later you can use again you never know

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i already use a lot of herbs and drugs and to some extent i can even smoke weed but i cant smoke a bong and usual amounts of it...


i was searching for funny things to do for a long time i have to deal with this problem for about 9 month now and i can slowly consume a little more...but im still not back to normal..at least i want to smoke as i used to..through a bong and as much as i want


dont necessarily need psychs anymore.


and i enjoy music just as before my onset


there are not enough things in life i can enjoy..so it makes me depressed like crazy...maybe its all useless and its just time to die...nothing lasts forever...i dont know im too frustrated about everything ..i would kill myself to end it all if i wouldnt be afraid of pain or even surviving it...i wish i had a gun to give me a headshot...i hate my life..


but thanks for your advice and sry to bother you with the same stupid fucking nonsense tragedy of all humans.

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yea man we need some realy dopamine skills in the brain haha dopamine rules

lets find some safe ways to realease it

or wtf it is what realy happens in the brain to feel happy nobody realy knows exactly

i dont care i just feel happy dont know why buth its the only thing wat matters

the bad days are no longer existing for a long time

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