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Update: Feeling Better

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So I just wanted to put a little update. I started out here with few symptoms, possibly mild/pre hppd or anxiety ranging from VS, floaters, light sensitivity, dizzy ness, feeling strange, after images, halos, star bursts, head and ear pressure and possibly a little dr etc. and with the few weeks that have passed I'm starting to feel a lot better. VS is pretty much gone, sometimes in the morning when I'm tired, I'm no longer dizzy/floaty and I don't feel so strange anymore. The only thing I'm still struggling with is light sensitivity, especially at night when driving. Starbursting and the halos drive me insane but I hope this will subside or get to the point where it doesn't bother me? And my after images and floaters are kinda annoying but I think it's honestly because if I see one my brain wants to find more and I end up freaking out. Should I seek an eye doctor possibly or get an MRI or will it all just be a waste of time? But anyways I am feeling better and I just wanted to say thanks to you guys I was able to calm down and not feel so alone after my awful trip. Another question, my dreams have been extremely vivid almost real life and I've been able to recall on a couple from the same night. Is this something normal? Thank you!

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yes it is normal its the same thing with me when i had hppd i had such vivid dreams that i thought its reality and i cant wake up...extremely terrible if you ask me and almost unimaginable..


i think this will fade away with time dont go to an eye doctor and waste your time...they cant help with hallucinations...just dont obsess..this could make it worse


good luck i have no visuals left from my hppd and i had it pretty intense.

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the acute phase of my hppd lasted 2 1/2 month my hppd was completely gone 4 month later..i rarely had an hppd visual free day 3 month after the onset before i experienced full relief .and then one day i woke up and hppd was completely gone.


symptoms (24/7):


° light sensitivity = strong

° everything was always looking like its coming towards me or sliding away (always made me nauseous as fuck) = extreme

° melting = extreme

° visual snow = strong

° seeing monster faces out of random surfaces = extreme

° Dizzyness = strong


symptoms (almost everyday):


° after images = medium

° trails = medium

° micr/macropsia = medium

° hearing psychedelic voices = weak

° migraine = medium

° closed eye visuals = extreme

° fatigue = strong

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i bet i forgot some symptoms like always when it comes to enumerations.


thank you.. its been caused by an overdose of mushrooms and i cant say why it really faded...but it was hell for me and im glad that its over...these days im using drugs in low doses again + even though im almost back to normal i hope my dpd is fading completely too, so i can take drugs in normal doses again..at least weed. B)

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im sorry for you man...it must be very demotivating to experience permanent worsening of a serious condition like this...have you tryed everything to rebalance your brain?..i mean even though i dont know what exactly was responsible for my cure i tryed many things and took a lot of naturals...but i never took chemicals to help me...i bet some of these things has caused my cure somehow.

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from your list i only used lions mane and a vitamin b complex....i have never used chemicals even though i still get them prescribed..but i sell them to my friends so they can trip on them XD


ive only used naturals to help me out...but i have no proof for what helped me healing...im not sure if it was what i did and/or the way i did it or the things i avoided..


im also still using some of my remedies..but these days more as a drug or for relaxation.

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