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mucuna pruriens naturel l-dopa herb with scientific study


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mucuna pruriens has high doses of naturel l-dopa and its been proven with some study thats its work for parkinson disease with les side effects also its can be use for treatment thats work with rising dopamine levels

i am intrested to use this for my libido buth i dont know if i find a good source with high l-dopa

and studys has shown that some species can contain trypramines so you dont want geth in a trip

i wil post the results soon as i try

here is the scientific study:




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Me and another user tried it, the mixing pruriens raw extract has nicotine and other drugs in it that may have affected us but besides that had little effect, actually made me more angry and felt like steroids

Was this that 3rd pill that I took that you refused to tell me what it was ? Cuz I felt like throwing a truck after the tramadol and the other pill wore off

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i took this the first day didnt feel a lot and took littel to much i feel i was littel hallunisating so i took it on half recomended dose 3 day after i starting feel bad and my visuals came back what a disaster started imeadedly doing a 10 mile walk and i feel lot better today buth my visuals stil wors i hope i will recover soon damn so be care full with this stuff

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