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Need Keppra study and Chances at recovery delayed AGAIN !

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so my dad won't be able to take me to my next appointment which means I will be going with my mother to an appointment scheduled for a LATER DATE ! I just got a new phone with a new number and new plan so that means I don't have my screenshots of the Keppra study anymore.

1) my mom thinks I have this shit because of my very mild case of Aspergers (autism spectrum disorder) even though I keep explaining to her that if it was the autism thats causing this, i would have had this long before doing drugs.

2) she starts saying a bunch of other stupid shit and doesn't understand anything I explain to her and I'm sitting there thinking "how the fuck does she have a Master's degree ?!" cuz I explain that HPPD and dp/dr are completely separate from autism but she continues to repeat the whole autism shit. If it was autism, these visuals and dp/dr would have started long before doing drugs.

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