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i have a priscripe in my case 200x 500 mg lamictal whats same as keppra i saved it for some one realy need buth you have just a littel chance that it wil work and its can take up to a year before you see the benefits and i dont talk about the side effect by the way not worth to take this risk end for me its wat just loose time and money and the same for the most here i think we need to realize there is no meds for us and move on to a healty life even its hard then i am sure we wil be more healty and our symptoms wil fade depends on the plastisty of your brain

and human lived already 1000 of years whitout meds

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there is no other chance you have to realize it there is just 1 knowed way is to stay active and ad sport to your life and keep living healty its to best way to speed up your recovery buth if you say i gonna concentrate with sport you wil have lot of more chanche to speed up recovery how to start best easy way you can ask me because i passed this way

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