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Aspirin not helping head pressure, still involuntarily tripping

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Well I have been having headaches EVERYDAY and today I took aspirin and it did absolutely nothing ! I have always had the head pressure issue ever since getting HPPD but this is very bad and it's CONSTANT ! I am hating this a lot and I am still waiting on my next appointment to see if I can get some meds. Trying to make sure I don't accidentally delete the Keppra study from my phone. Still feeling like I'm tripping. Visuals are very LSD-like and my pupils even appear to be enlarged but not completely dilated like they do when I am on LSD. I am twitching and shaking ! This has been going on for quite a bit. I lost track of how long this has been happening. I want to smoke weed so bad ONE LAST TIME so I can actually get a decent feeling but I don't really have anyone to smoke with and I'm afraid to smoke alone. I know I'm a dumbass for wanting to get high but it seems like the only way to feel good these days and I'm doing it as soon as I can get my hands on weed. I'm not going to do LSD or any dumb shit like that. Weed seems to be the least risky thing to get high off of. I trip off caffeine now which is weird but I heard it happens to some other people with HPPD but I still have slowed down A LOT on caffeine with a few screw ups here and there. I fucking NEED to get a REAL high !

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man take kratom it always made my visuals unnoticable cause it minimizes the pupils due to its anti psychotic effect..its the healthy, natural and almost non addictive alternative to tramal.


since it has an anti anxiety effect you can really get high on it without to be afraid unless you overdose..just take 0,5g or 1g of kratom once and your whole day is saved...man i tell you its a miracle to me how nice this magical medicine works + you dont need fucking prescription meds anymore cause this one replaces them all without the negative side effects.

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no... you can buy it at smart shops and on the internet´legally...


and if you decide to take some kratom dont overdo it only take microdoses cause you may not forget that you are still a highly sensitive person and you only want the good effects of kratom to enjoy yourself again...


dont mix it with something else only take kratom itself if you take it.


if you buy some i would recommend the green or red veign strains since they are more relaxing than others.

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here you can order some: http://kratom.eu/Buy-Borneo-Kratom

on this site you can read almost everything about kratom and buy nearly every strain existing.

i always order my kratom there.


a smartshop is a store that offers legal drugs and remedies to people.


and i dont think you need to be 18 years for kratom since it is legal and is also used for other purposes for example for painting as colour.

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