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HPPD for 9 years= biochemsitry and pharmacy


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Like the rest of you, I had no plans in my life to acquire HPPD. For me, it has been a nightmare. Through it all, I obtained a biochemistry degree from an ACC school. I love chemistry and wonder if I could do anything up in Mclean Hosp. For a long time HPPD had a tight grip on me and I was on the verge of suicide it was so bad. Finally, clonazapam has helped me back to a life that can just about be described as functional. I teach pharmacy of all things. I may try Keppra in the future, I do not know yet. How it all began :I took acid as a teenager not knowing any better a couple of times. What changed me forever was taking one dose of Risperadol back in 2002. It killed me, or almost did. That was when my serious symptoms started. I am thank ful for being part of the HPPD community and very excited this board is back up again. One more thing, All of us here are in a debt we cannot repay to David Kozin. HPPD exposure, research and attention for the past six years and more can be concentrated to this man. I was on his website while he was at Reed several years ago. It was his efforts along with others, that HPPD was recognized as a true disorder by the medical and scientific community to get research rolling. Thanks David, your passion for all that is HPPD wil never go unnoticed.

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Double Amen!! 
I take clonazepam as well and it took almost 99% of my symptoms away. The only drawback is that if a prescriber tries to take me off of it, I’ll go crazy. So it’s always a worry in the pit of my stomach month to month, but what can ya do? I’ve been so negative for years worrying about the future among other things, but have decided to live in the present while I’m still functioning pretty much like a normal human being 🤣

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