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Keppra or lamotrigine ?

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I don't see why they wouldn't prescribe you those meds. They're not controlled and they certainly don't have any potential for addiction/abuse. I would understand them being hesitant to prescribe something that's controlled (like benzos, my psych was hesitant with this, and I didn't even want to be put on it honestly). I'm on lamotrigine, but 5 or so months in (about 3 of which have been at my target dose of 200mg daily) and I haven't seen many benefits. Maybe a 10-20% improvement during dosing in, but all that is going away now and is actually getting worse it seems.


So, I would say Keppra. More people on the forums have tried it and anecdotally it has had more success than lamotrigine. However, lamotrigine has the most literature support for treating HPPD. So, it's up to you.

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