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Supplements, vitamins, side effects and improvement.


Supplements, vitamins their side effects and improvement.  

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  1. 1. Have any supplements, vitamins, minerals ever gave you any side effects, HPPD-wise, (eg. fish oil, vitamin C etc.) and did those side effects worsened or improved when you continued to take the substances? Please elaborate in the post.

    • No they have never given me any side effects.
    • Yes they gave me side effects so I stopped taking them immediately.
    • Yes they gave me side effects and they worsened as I continued to take the supplements.
    • Yes they gave me side effects but they improved as I continued to take the supplements.

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I would like to ask you all about something. It could help in treating HPPD somehow. Please answer the poll and elaborate your answer in the post.


I list few example substances that give me some side effects (usualy cognition worsening together with feeling of stinging in my head, nervousness, decrease of the visual reaction time - everything shows up with a slight delay, increase in some visuals).


Fish oil

Vitamin C
Piracetam (Nootropil)

Lion's mane, Reishi, Shiitake.
Gingko biloba


L-arginine 1.5g and L-citrulline 0.14g
Phosphatidylserine - i think it does at higher doses only (300mg), to be confirmed.
In my own experience if something gives me side effects or it doesn't at first but if they show up at some stage - they will only continue to worsen with each next dose kind of thing. Some substances even helped me at first (lions mane), side effects showed up after few days and now each time I try them again, even in a small dose, I experience the same side effects.
I got curious in the subject, because many of the substances I am reading about meant to be very helpful in brain tissue recovery. I have this book where the guy talks about Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant, it can be taken at doses up to 150 grams daily and can help with things like brain virus infections, severe flu (including swine flu), it can help with HIV, candida, cancer etc.. My friend was sick recently and took 30 grams of Vit C - no side effects and he got healed immediately..

However in my experience taking 0.5 gram of Vitamin C makes me really nervous and worsens cognition slighlty. I took around 7-10 grams for 3 days and im I can't think straight.. I have the same thing with fish oil - I continued to take it for days, but I only felt worse.. But then - some substances can make you feel worse before the healing takes place (eg. when replenishing neurotransmitters etc)... I just never experienced any kind of healing yet....
Thanks to all for your input!
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I didn't suffer from any side effects as i don't regularly take any supplements. And recently I read an article on Medical-news, which is about the bad  effects of antioxidants may have on cancer and melanoma metastasis. Then I decided not to take supplements regularly unless my body needs them.

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