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i am started with elektronic siggaret wit low nicotine


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hey its feel nice to smoke back after 4 months wit low nictone its give a nice feeling i am doing wel for 3 months

buth i hope i dont geth very addicted to it and loose the benefits with time and just going to smoke to feel normal again its not a smart idea buth make my life better seems a good choice in the first place

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its day 4 i dont know how buth i feel fucking sweet with this stuf i feel like high level of dopamine in my brain i hope its not ruining my littel dopamine i gues well mayby i can withdrawl every time for a week and restart smoking few days and do it al over again

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man it was a bad idea to smoke a littel bit with nicotine now i have a witdrawl from nicotine first 2 day i feeld bad i am fucking sensitive everthing that increase dopamine in a unnaturel way is bad for me day 3 and 4 thinking lot to a siggarette one siggarette i smoked few day ago was wonderful tasty if it was posibel to smoke 1 sig a day wil be very nice buth its to hard to smoke 1 sig at a day

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