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Autism and HPPD DP/DR

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I have never brought this up but I have a form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome (no I don't have burgers up my ass lol) and this horrible struggle with HPPD and DP/DR has made me start thinking about it a lot lately. I was wondering if that is affecting my experience with HPPD and DP/DR ? I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 8 years old. Before HPPD and DP/DR, I was getting good grades and had a great memory but now it seems like drugs have not only given me brain fog, HPPD and DP, but also might have worsened my autistic symptoms

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even though this might be the case you shouldnt worry about it since there is no proof for your theory ...just remember that worrying is everything else but not being present and you must be present to fight dp and thinking about things which could be or not wont help you in any way instead of being more worried and anxious..train your brain to not worry and dp goes away over time.


did you know that there is a new natural non addictive medication out there for treatment of anxiety disorders and this will help you with dp/dr since dp/dr is a symptom of anxiety disorders..just look up here:


dont need to buy it there if you wanna try it its also on amazon:



i havent tryed it jet but i will..even though one wont have to buy it you could also mix up the ingredients yourself and put them into capsules...i think i will try both and report if it works

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