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been taking meds for dp/dr

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So I took Tramadol twice, and then some other pill today to help with dp/dr and they seem to help pretty well. My mind feels like I'm back inside my body and I am no longer watching myself from 3rd person. But each time, the next morning when I wake up, the dp is back full force and I have to go get another pill cuz I don't want to go back to living with dp. These have been making me feel great and happy except yesterday when I ended up getting angry for no reason lol. I feel normal again but in a different way. Still don't feel like my old self but whatever. Makes it way easier to concentrate in class ????????

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man i told you opiates will help with dp/dr and many other problems but they can make you angry or even agressive while coming down or when the trip is coming on and dont forget opiates are highly addictive substances so if you dont want to go through an extremely crippling and debilitating withdrawl dont take it every day or weekly..do long breaks between your doses


and dont forget that these meds are just like a patch and wont touch/treat the root of the problem


...i really love opiates but i dont suffer from severe loss of reality..thats why i recommend you not to overdo it


also there are other substances acting on opiate receptors and creating a similar to same high which are worth trying...i have found kratom (strain: mitragyna speciosa) to be useful and its legal and completely natural, you can order it from smartshops + its not as addictive and unhealthy as tramadol (synthetic opium)

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get liquid tramal prescribed or buy some illegal if you really need the stuff...by the way the liquid stuff feels much better than the pills..


or you can do better and choose the natural alternatve:


ordering some kratom tincture (strain: mitragyna speciosa) http://azarius.net/smartshop/herbal-tinctures/kratom-tincture-herbal-powershot/


its legal opiate high make you feel great and give nice symptom relief..its just like liquid tramal even though the taste is a little more bitter...i was high on that stuff yesterday and cant believe its legal since it works as good as tramal or sometimes even better + its not that addictive


its way better than taking tramal or freaking out about not having some but its your choice in the end..just an advice

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