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Weed: my experience

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my hppd was caused by sythetic marijauna 2 years ago, was unnoticeable but became BAD with almost daily marijuana use and occasional Ritalin use (2 light overdoses) within 2 months. I recently decide to smoke a joint with a friend, I live in Cali so it was very expensive very high grade stuff, the strain was Jack Herer. I was calm and relaxed with my friend, smoked a fair bit and it felt great. Music felt slowed down, eyes red, heart beating fast(no anxiety) felt like laughing, enjoyed the whole thing. Visuals became very slightly worse. Next day decided to smoke the same strain through a bong, by myself. I smoked a lot, kinda rushed home and immediately took a shower to get rid of the smell. On the skate home EVERYTHING got so bright. Got inside, deep deep sense of something wrong, COULD NOT SHAKE IT. Shower was the closest I ever came to losing my mind. Got out sat on my couch watching tv, talking to invisible people jerking whole body and waving my hands randomly. I can not describe how it felt, hell is the only thing that comes to mind. 2 hours later it was wearing off, very depersonalized. Next day slightly more depersonalized, visuals only 10% worse. I have realized even if your visuals are almost gone, and your depersonalization non existent, never do drugs with an unstable mind

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i had few a bad trip when i was young buth i was stupid to keep smoking a year after i quited and i was healty buth i did try weed again and did geth a bad trip again and i did try again few times after some months passed every same bad trip just keep of drugs man its just crap we just want to enjoy life for free and without do any thing for it

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