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New to the forums , have a few questions

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and I got a few questions, I feel like I'm experiencing hppd like traits, or have it, not sure, I don't like self diagnoses, it's been like this since 2013, I've done a lot of psychedelics in the last few years,especially lsd which was my favourite and recently quit being a full pledge stoner after about 6 years due to it making me really paranoid and making the visual disturbances worse.

I was just wondering if other people have felt these things for this long, I wouldn't mind getting some opinions from people experiencing the same disturbances as me, and also what are the odds that it will get better?

I think really weird, like some times I feel like I'm not real, my arms and legs don't really feel like they are mine, I don't really know how to explain that better and it seems like I'm watching myself live my life and not actually being totally 'here'

Alot of weird sparkles or static in my vision, especially at night, along with Alot of quick or flickering flashes of light, sometimes a colored flash

I see a blob of color around white or vibrant objects almost like some kind of trim around it but somewhat transparent, some things look like they're growing or breathing like on mush or lsd , I see Alot of tracers from things moving and when I look away from certain things I still see an imprint in my vision of what I was looking at.

I'm sure most of you have answered Alot of questions like these already, but I'd rather get a few opinions directly to what I'm experiencing, and any remedies you guys have tried that helps would be appreciated, thx

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The feeling where you feel like you're watching yourself live your life but you're not really there is exactly what I'm always feeling. It is called depersonalization and derealization (dp/dr).

I also got the visual disturbances. When you look at objects and look away and still see an imprint of them, those are after images. I always have colors flashing at me but the visuals are not the worst part.

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sounds like slight hppd + dpd ...i had both disorders and been through the same shit but my hppd was much worse and thought i would end up in a kind of mental institution or kill myself...now im almost back to normal..no more hppd but still a little dpd and i actually smoke weed everyday, drink alcohol sometimes, drink daily coffein and use lots of other natural remedies to help me cure myself, treat symptoms or getting high.. love my life more than before


and what do you need remedies for ive tryed a lot and can give nice advice but the question is for what situation do you need  meds?

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i have used:


° valerian..it is good for anxiety and also makes you a little sleepy

° lavender..it is good for sleeping patterns and helps a little with anxiety too

° cbd oil...it is generally very healthy but expensive and its effects are: anti anxiety, anti psychotic, anti nausea, calming, anti depressant, anti oxydant , anti cancer..etc....


if there is one thing ive learned then its: docters cant help at all with hppd or dpd.

dont take chemicals from the pharmacy they wont work in the long run and are definately bad for such conditions and for general health i tryed nearly everything and ended up thinking im going to die and having panic attacks etc.


so cbd is a real allrounder..i think it helped me the most with treatment and the other 2 (valerian, lavender) were good for instant relief.

also you should eat healthy and maybe meditate if it helps you and distract yourself do things you always enjoyed create your own rituals you know what i mean and dont take this all too serious even though it sounds tough.


if you still have any questions..ill be there...get well

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