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Smoked weed again

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just finished off a joint, first time smoking in 2 years. It was a hybrid but definitely a lot of indica in it. I smoked a lot and I definitely like it, minimal increase in visuals and my anxiety/depersonalization is rather low, only noticeable when I think about it. Never thought I would be able to enjoy weed again

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why would you tell others weed cant be good for them when...


1. you took ecstasy which is a risk on its own and has nothing to do with weed

2. you took both weed and ecstasy so you took 2 substances together which is more likely to cause bad after effects in your situation

3. ecstasy is one of the most dpd causing drugs to be correct

4. you dont know what kind of weed you had there..you told us erlier you have dp/dr and if you dont know how much thc contains you weed or if it is laced with something it would be stupid to smoke something like that with dp/dr since high thc and laced stuff are increasing dp/dr..thats a fact

5. if he enjoyed his stuff...grant it to him..he might have had better stuff


blame ecstasy


dont blame cannabis...try cbd oil or high indica strains which contain much cbd but only little thc..that helped me..the cbd effects are: anti psychotic, anti anxiety, sedative, well being, helps to come to terms with the effects of thc + cbd replaces many many suppliments cause its so healthy and full of vitamins + cbd is legal you can buy it + it did wonders for me and i had it much worse than you...now i dont have hppd anymore and have only slight dpd sometimes + i smoke daily with no negative side effects..since i smoke high indica with almost no thc

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