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SSRIs are purported to make HPPD visuals worse, at least anecdotally with some medical evidence to support it. Best to avoid it and try something like Wellbutrin (burpropion) an NDRI or an SNRI like Effexor, that is if you're treating depression. For DP/DR I would avoid anything that has stimulant like properties, such as an NDRI or SNRI would have.


There are also SSREs, but thos haven't hit the US market, yet. Those would be an ideal anti-depressant for those with HPPD.

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Lamotrigine is sometimes used to treat DP/DR. Additionally, naloxone and naltexone have some evidence for treating DP/DR


For anxiety, there are really only two effective types of medications, SSRIs and benzos. SSRIs are preferable for long term treatment since they have no addiction/dependence potential.


However, a combination of an SSRI and a benzo may prove useful in your case because it might treat your DP/DR and will most certainly kill your anxiety.


Your best bet though for treating DP/DR is to see a therapist/psychologist familiar with DP/DR and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). They'll help you learn grounding exercises (stuff to keep you grounded in reality) as well as help you identify the root cause of your DP/DR and aid you in confronting that root cause.

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I understand, but there isn't really a pharmocological solution to DP/DR. The best way to treat DP/DR is to see a therapist familiar with treating the disorder.


For anxiety, there are certainly pharmocological solutions to it, as I said SSRIs (Prozac like you said) and benzos. However, SSRIs will probably make your HPPD worse and as a consequence, your DP/DR may get worse.


With HPPD, there's no easy solution or fast solution.

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