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Smoked Weed : No Panic Attack !

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Ok so I smoked half of a gram and I am currently high right now. It feels nice just like all the other times but this high feels weak. Last time I smoked was in April. I usually don't smoke it. I usually took edibles which is stronger than smoking. My eyes are not turning red which is good. I have been laughing a lot which is great. I forgot how much I loved being high on weed. I was with a friend and another one of her friends and I had her come with me only cuz I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack cuz of HPPD. They went home then this strange kid from school called me and I didn't know what he was talking about but I wanted to enjoy my high. But no it turned out fine but I kept telling them that allergy pills (diphenhydramine) is stronger. She offered me some allergy pills (diphenhydramine) but I said "hell no !" Lol. So they went home and I now I am home enjoying being high. I have dp/dr so hopefully when the high ends, it doesnt get worse cuz diphenhydramine ended up causing all of my HPPD symptoms to get worse but whatever. I think I will start smoking weed again but only every once in a while. Ok I'm done goodbye M'Lady

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