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Okay. It may have been approached before, but has anyone here been suspected of having Lyme?

I'm getting steadily worse over the past 6 months. Worse headaches, worse afterimages, more fatigue, and more depersonalization.

I have not been drinking alcohol, don't do illicit drugs, drink one coffee daily, take a host of supplements (supposedly helpful with HPPD), eat well, and am trying to reduce stress.

Despite all this, everything continues to worsen. There must be some explanation besides "you're thinking about it too much." There's no reason that HPPD should continue to worsen over 6 months without a reason.

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Yeah, I would echo what Mr. 50's said. I was on a serious dose of about eight different types of vitamins/antibiotics for about a month and none of my symptoms were improving. Like you, I actually thought I was getting worse. So, I stopped taking almost all of them and noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms. I haven't had HPPD for too long but even now I won't touch a vitamin or antibiotic in pill form.


Honestly, if I were you I'd really try and get off coffee. Between a daily dose of coffee and that many antibiotics it could really be messing with you. If nothing else, it's worth a try. I know the fatigue with HPPD can be gruesome but if you can get past the first few days, then a week, then a few more weeks, you might be in the clear. Plus there are many natural ways to increase your energy levels. Peanuts and chia seeds are great for energy in the morning. If you made some sort of banana-peanutbutter (with whole peanuts)-chia seed fruit smoothie you could probably rely on that as your source of a morning pick-me-up. I just know from personal experience (and from reading these forums) that coffee can be pretty damaging with HPPD.


Also, it's important to keep in mind how slow this disorder moves in terms of improvement and feeling better -- or worse. If you've been taking things that are making your symptoms more prevalant, then yeah, you're probably not gonna feel like you're making any progress. I know that for me, the first few months of HPPD were hell because I didn't think I was improving at all. But after I figured out what hurt me and what helped me it's made a world of difference.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks K.B.

I'm not on any antibiotics.

I'm weaning off Lamictal.

I've been on Paxil for 15 years.

I was started on Verapamil ER 120 mg daily because I have a daily migraine-like headache since this all started.

My stack of supplements is pretty extensive:

-magnesium taurate 400 mg daily

-Lions Mane 4g daily

-Fish Oil 1000 mg at night

-B Complex


-Butterbur 200 mg daily

-B2 500 mg daily

-CoQ10 ubiquinol 200 mg daily

I think the main reasoning for many of these supplements is that I have a daily unilateral headache that feels like a migraine. I am uncertain if I have a permanent migraine or HPPD or both. The goal is to treat the migraine and hope it resolves the visuals.

I will be attempting to slow with the coffee.

I eat plenty of fruits and vegatables.

Would anyone recommend I cut out any of these supplements? If so, do I taper or just stop??

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CoQ10 and Fish oil doesnt go well with my hppd. Worsens cognition and affects visuals.

Here you can find a list of all RECENT things, that I read could be helpful, but which gave me side effects or just trigger some symptoms of HPPD.



But I hope thats not the case with you (I feel the bad effects 30 min after taking those things, so dont panic if you take them and feel ok after - it means they probably work ok for you).

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