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HPPD so far for me


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I got HPPD on December 30th 2014. So it's been 7 months. The first four, my entire life was consumed by HPPD. Now after going through some other things, I don't even think about it at all. I rarely get on this forum anymore.

It's very severe. After images, distortion, visual snow, light trails, etc.... Eventually I just quit letting it absorb my thoughts and it's like I don't even have it anymore. I've smoked pot a few times, and I can say it makes it worse in the short term, but I never smoke day by day so I occasionally toke and enjoy it.

Alcohol doesn't effect my symptoms. I've been taking vyvanse (dextro amphetamine) once every week (or was, 2 months ago), to see its effects. It made the visual snow bad for about 24 hours than went back to normal.

So, in conclusion, HPPD can be far from life consuming. My advice is to ignore it as much as possible, and also, DP/DR. DP/DR was extremely bad for me, but once practiced my thinkng habits and lowering the amount of anxiety in my life, it went away too. I still get it when I get anxious, but it's uncommon. Know it's not something g physically wrong with your brain, just a state of mind brought on by trauma. Avoid taking any hallucinogens, but most of all, if ANY drug messes with you or makes you feel uncomfortable, don't take it! We're all unique. Have a nice and happy life :)))

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