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Anxiety Gone

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so for the past few or four days, can't really remember, my anxiety has seemed to go away almost completely ???????? The visuals, brain fog and derealization are all the same.

About the depersonalization : so before it was nothing but sadness, anger and sometimes no emotions at all. Well now it's been like 4 days and I'm feeling no emotions. I personally think this is better than feeling angry or sad all the time but I can't feel happiness either ????.

But I hope this means I am recovering

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it could be a sign as it sounds like one if i remember correctly..its been the same with me ...firstly i only had breaks and later it faded completely  .be patient and dont expect too much at once.


by the way...since you re talking about anxiety..i smoked a way too big head ten minutes ago and had a panic attack...now its under controll and fading.. i learned to beat anxiety..everything is possible.

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dont obsess about these things..man i know that anxiety can cause a wide variety of strange unexpected symptoms (headaches, nausea, faster heartbeat and so on almost all kind of auditory, visual, psychological and physical hallucinations) cause ive been there and they could lead one to permanently overthinking conditions and worry but stop giving any attention to them or they get worse and worse...if you learn to be calm when symptoms occur..anxiety and symptoms will fade step by step until one day you finally let go...just hang in there and never lose hope..remembering anxiety cant do anything to you.

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