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new guy with "lsd" induced hppd


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Hey guys this is my first post here. Back in highschool "4 years ago" I tripped maybe 7 times a few shroom trips and the rest acid. The final time in highschool I developed a mild case of hppd that went away after about three weeks so I decided I would never trip again until 2.5 months ago my dumb ass decided to take 1.5 hits of some potent acid at a party thinking that 3 week hppd in highschool was just a fluke and wouldn't happen again. But here I am ten weeks in.

Symptoms: blue geometric visuals on walls/in the dark and floaters.

Notes: floaters turned out to be from a posterior vitreous detatchment in my left eye.

For a few years after my first hppd I would trip if I smoked weed so I abstained from weed, never liked it anyways.

Both times I was drinking while taking lsd or what was sold as lsd.

Seemed to get better to a point then stopped.

Took 0.5mg Clonazepam per day from day 8 to two days ago. Stopped working and my psychiatrist didn't wanna raise the dose. Helped with anxiety for a while.

Anyways thats my story. I've drank alcohol a few times since but I'm sober as a judge for two weeks and determined to do anything to recover. Like many of you this causes me a lot of depression, anxiety and regret so any and all support or words of comfort are extremely welcomed.

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