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Constant Insanity, no appetite and Brainfog worsening

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Jeez I rant a lot. But I think it kinda helps to vent. So Fourth of July I take diphenhydramine 3 nights in a row, HPPD gets worse. I get back from Hawaii July 17th and that's when I notice something is wrong with me mentally, physically and emotionally. I have had very bad anxiety lately. I have just confirmed that I have depersonalization since I only feel sadness, anger and sometimes no emotions at all. I don't feel anything towards family members or anyone. Sometimes I want my parents to die cuz I feel like they are a big source of my anxiety. I have these moments of insanity where I am yelling like a maniac in my mom's face. Brainfog is the symptom I hate the most and it seems like it just got worse. Just this morning, I had blacked out and my memory of what i was doing was completely gone. I just remember looking down and thinking "when the fuck did I start making a hotdog ?" because I had no memory of even starting to make it.

My appetite is now completely gone. I have noticed that I was losing my appetite but I had no problem eating until this morning. I took a bite out of the hotdog I made and I gagged and the hotdog had a weird taste to it. I don't feel hungry at all even though I have not eaten in almost 24 hours. I tried drinking milk and it tasted awful. Everything tastes weird.

I need to get off this website for a while cuz I'm just

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The post got cut off so I'm going to write the rest here

I have been doing many strange things and I'm not even aware of it but I think other people I message and talk to can tell I'm a little strange lately. My mom is freaked out because of my behavior lately and she is ready to send me to my dad's house permanently

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