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New symptoms/Symptoms worsening without drugs ?!

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This is driving me crazy. I have not taken any drugs since early July and just like 10 minutes ago I started seeing new strange patterns and other visual disturbances that I never seen in my life. And now in one eye, everything is brighter and in the other eye, everything appears darker. I'm trying to recover and I have not taken any hallucinogens or any other drugs but my visuals and my mind are getting worse and worse

My usual symptoms :

Each < means the symptom worsened

<•Visual snow

•brain fog (oh god I hate the brainfog the most)

•derealization and maybe depersonalization (can't really feel any emotions other than anger and slight sadness)

<•Colors flashing or floating around at night

<•Objects appear to shift side to side, breath or sway back and forth

•halos around objects in the dark or at night


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my hppd took me almost 6 month (i had about 20 different crippling symptoms and thought i would kill myself or end up in a mental institution if it wont stop)  now its over, i only have slight dp/dr and almost not noticable ghost images and snow and tryed weed and other drugs for about 4 times while hppd and always had extreme debilitating and long lasting panic attacks and episodes as result..and before  the last two weeks i ended up to be back smoking weed and nothing is getting worse and here i am enjoying it again :P:D:P


so dont lose your faith...i know what the other side looks like....dont obsess or it gets worse and give your brain time to rewire

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