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All better but the snow

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over the past 6 months, since I have quit caffeine/nicotine and started eating healthy every single visual symptom has drastically improved, except visual snow. Light sensitivity 85% better, trails/tracers 75% better, afterimages 75% better, snow is about the same. Has this ever happened to anyone?

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weed helps me meditate and i just do my best not have anxiety about the visuals ..... but it all in all it helps me.. so far. (with anxiety, depression, clarity of mind, ADHD medication)





-parieldolia - objects within objects like faces ...freaky..like clouds and shit 





-DP getting less pretty much everyday. weed helps my DP personally.

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no my dp/dr is not getting worse..in fact it helps a little with anxiety and is not worsening any other of my remaining symptoms. snow is a little better the last 5 days.


the high is a little psychedelic but is becoming more and more like i used to.


when i first started smoking i had a little overwhelming panic feeling but it faded every time i was smoking weed cause i have learned that its all anxiety and just the way i have learned to trigger the fight - flight- freeze response in the reptilian part of my brain and i just had to unlearn it..its working everyday better again..its like bcoming rewired to your old self + being a way better person after all

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