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pain and pressure in my eyes

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i have only a little dp/dr since my hppd is over but there is another symptom i still have since my onset


from time to time my eyes hurt suddenly and its a sharp pain, they are a little red and feel exhausted all the time + through a mirror..i can see some of the veins in my eyes clearly and they always burn. 


i dont think its a physical problem cause i have it since my onset of hppd/dp/dr..so to me, it seems to be a neurological problem. 


i used artificial eyedrops..but they dont seem to help me


has anyone of you had similar problems or solutions to this?

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my head has been already scanned several times with no result...


it has gotten better and i have a theory why they hurt...since i have an anxiety disorder (dpd) i have constantly too much adrenaline in my system and thats why i always have dilated pupils like being on mdma...but i have solved the proplem on my own since i have found several naturals that help me to relax and stop my adrenal glands from releasing adrenaline to a certain degree...now its bearable.


you dont need to apologise...you have your own problems and thats ok..

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