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Lamitrogine side effects

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So it feel I've developed some very strange and alarming side effects from lamitrogine.

After nearly a year with no issues I'm not I sure why these are just hitting me now. Maybe during my latest rise in symptoms it triggered some of the negative side effects.

I've noticed I've become very very irritable. I snap at almost nothing and I've become a total grouch for the most part.

I feel an intense rage at times that I want to physically fight someone. Even my closest loved ones. Almost like I HAVE to do it. It eventually subsides but it is very intense while it's happening. I in no way would act on these feelings but it is incredibly scary. By far to the worst one I've noticed. I've booked myself a CBT appointment to help curb these feelings.

I've been urinating A lot. Not in frequency but when I do urinate there is An almost endless stream.

My memory is Absolutely trashed

When I dropped my dose down I got almost fever like symptoms. I was burning up and couldn't even feel the cold air from my AC

A huge increase in libido. Seems to be the only positive side effect. it's through the roof considering I used to have issues but now well.. There is no issue.

My eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Every car light, cross walk, porch light etc burns brighter than ever before. When walking a round at night it literally feels like I'm in a dream.

I think it's time I get off this drug which sucks because it was working for so long. After doing some research there are other people who have reported these same side effects popping it even after long term use.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this on lamictal?

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I've been on Lamictal for only 2 months now. I have seen nothing but worsening of my symptoms since starting it.

My light sensitivity is worse. My afterimages are MUCH worse. Trails are worse. Headaches have not improved.

It may be the lamictal or just a natural progression of symptoms. I'm not sure. But I am going to stop it. I'm only on 100 mg daily.

I should report I'm also taking Paxil. I also plan on stopping that.

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We'll I have come to the realization that this drug has now turned on me and is really fucking me up.

After doing some research I've found that in some cases it can induce depression, anxiety, homicidal, suicidal thoughts/urges.

I started taking lamictal at the beginning of when is as feeling better to help it move along faster. Now after a year or so with no issues I slowly started noticing I was having really weird depressive thoughts. Mostly due to,the stress of returning to,work and relationship issues. LThen I went through a ton if weird side effects related to,lamictal,. That people mostly get in he beginning. The hot flashes, the libido increase the sensitivity to light, sensitivity to heat,and now an onset of depression and dp/dr like I have never felt before. I'm just so bottomed,out and am getting all these violent impulses. Scary as fuck

Yep time to get off this stuff.

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I said this to mycall already. Try to replace lamictal with things like magnesium, celery green sticks and celery seed extract (they contain some substance that is a natural calcium channel blocker). I think there are more calcium blockers in nature, its good to research them and try, since getting off lamictal might give you some rebound effect (before it was blocking calcium, now you might get too much of it).

Also things like antioxidants - that may prevent cell death (which could be caused by calcium overflow? im not sure now, research it)

This is my stack - its fuckin high of antioxidants and neuroprotective stuff. http://www.evernote.com/l/AbTZkha568lKGIvvXOujRX-WfJG_6iKK5Q0/

It helps me. After 1-2 months of using those I am able to drink coffee again, which is a miracle...

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So I've weaned myself down to 300. Tapering 25 mg every 3 weeks. Slowly slowly slowly

I know this stuff is a godsend for most people but for me the adverse side effects were insane. Luckly as of right now most of those nasty effects have subsided but I have a long way to go.

I'm only bumping this in hopes it may help someone who is thinking of coming off of it.

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So I mentioned before about light sensitivity being a side effect. initially it started as photophobia on natural sunlight. However now it has morphed into having EXTREME sensitivity to artificial light.

Every car light, neon sign, stop light, street light etc... Is almost blinding. I can somewhat notice it during the day but at night it is totally out of whack. Last night I went to see a concert and upon leaving everything looked so bright it was almost too much. However I remained in control. Then we went to a bar where my buddy was playing and there were green and yellow lights on them and I had to leave. I crabbed it home without trying to look out the window.

I've had this side effect for a couple months now but over the past few days it has dramatically increased. Along with the VS and anxiety.

But I am remaining confident it will go away eventually. A lot of the other side effects have dwindled down for now.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this not even necessarily from lamictal and how they coped

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So my dp/Dr, visual shit, anxiety and depression are the worst they've ever been right now.

This medicine has reared its ugly head.

I've been reading a lot and the withdrawal from lamictal and it is some of the worst shit a person can go through.

My mood and emotions are all over the place, Im having really weird thoughts all the time. Like broken thinking. My depression is so bad it hurts. I'm constantly exhausted. I'm seeing trails even by waving my hands. Crazy vs. Heavy brain fog. Migraines. Delirious. Insane dp/Dr. Aggression. Agitation. And suicidal thoughts.

This shit is poison.

I tried LDN last night and it made everything worse too. Zoned me right out.,I ended up forcing myself,to,puke it up.

God this is a fucking nightmare

I am still confident I will get through it but I want off this shit ASAP. I don't feel anything like myself it's awful.

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So a couple days ago I was in really really bad shape. I can not describe how awful this has been. I was literally trembling all over. Zero functionality. Just a vessel of anxiety and dread.

Then I did something I said I never would. I popped .25 of a colamzepam.

I felt nothing only more anxiety. I left the house and it was the worst dpdr I've ever had. Cartoon world. Managed to get a tea and headed down to the river to look at the ducks. When I got down there I noticed I could see more detail on everything. The graininess had lifted. I still felt very dpdr but my visuals had really improved. I walked a bit more and started to feel like shit again so I took the other .25. Didn't really notice a difference. Met my buddy and was still well out of it. We had band practice and a stumbled my way through the set. When I got home however I noticed my anxiety had greatly improved. And was functioning and talking like I used to. I still have to take zoplicone to,sleep but when I got up yesterday I felt fucking normal. Or what I precieved as normal. Almost no anxiety, better vision, OCD thoughts subsided, not depressed. What a miracle. I was due for a break. I was actually happy. christ I needed that.

Waking up today I feel more depressed and my brain fog is bad. It's Didn't sleep even tho I took the zop. But I'm not an anxious wreck like I have been for the past few months upon waking up everyday.

So here's my plan.

Use comlanzepam no more than 3 days a week and no more then .5 each of those days

Use colanzepam to help get off of Lamictal.

Slowly tapering.

Then slowly taper off colamzepam maybe with the help of LDN (I'll give it another shot)

I'll stay on LDN if it helps

I won't ever be coming off of zoplicone I think. It's literlly the only thing that muffles the part of my brain the constant intrusive images/ ear worms comes from.

Is it weird that I've only taken .5 two days ago and I still feel the effects?

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Tried it again last night around 3 am. It increased my intrusive images and racing thoughts to the point where I haven't slept at all. Even after taking 11 mg zoplicone. Which sucks because I barely slept the past 2 days either but this was worse. Also I felt my morning anxiety return. It's always been there but I could really feel it this time.

Weird thing is I feel like I have a bit more energy. I'm definitely drowsy and tiered but considering I've maybe slept 4 hrs in the past 3 night I should be a vegetable.

But so far the risk outweighs the reward.

Maybe I'll try taking it earlier before the zop or in the afternoon

Mr 50 the first time I took 1.5 mg and it made me feel more anxious and derealization. And increased my visuals/ intrusive thoughts

This time I took 1.5 again

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So I'm down to 200 as of yesterday. This month hasn't been as awful as sept was but its still been very difficult. anxiety is coming back pretty strong and I'm barely sleeping. Dp/Dr is bad. Had to leave the gym yesterday because of how I was feeling. Really dizzy all the time with a headache too.

I realized lamitrogine was totally the wrong choice. It's "mood stabilizing" propertied can back fire and get you to where I am now. Trust me you don't want want to go through what I am. This is almost beyond hppd. Like an amped up version. I don't know what it's going to be like when I'm off this shit and I'm not looking forward to it. But I will even out eventually.

I'm going to give kepra another spin because as I said it did KO my symptoms on the first dose. But I'm going to start very low this time. Atleast I know it did something. Need off this crap first.

Current symptoms

DP/DR - I can not describe how awful this is when it's at its worst. It's seriously like living on another planet and everything is flat looking. Like 2d. coupled with the visual shit it's almost unbearable at times. Ive had dp/Dr before but nothing even close to this. By far the worst symptom.

Anxiety - varies day to day but is always there. When it's bad it can feeling like I'm full on tripping again

Visuals - VS is raging all the time. After images and floaters too but theVS is the main issue. CEVs aren't so bad tho. My visions also really blurry and I am extremely sensitive to artificial lights. It's very uncomfortable.

Depression - I get what I would Call the lamital depression sometimes that is SO deep and hollow it's almost inhuman. I've been depressed before but again this is like depression x 1000. They are episodic but when it's there it is horrible. Suicidal thoughts 24/7. After that it's a general depressed kinda feeling all the time. I have a few moments where I feel some happiness but over all I'm really bummed out and I have a lot of reason to be. Again this varies from day to day.

Emotions - all over the place. My gf left me and I was handling it pretty well actually. But it's really hitting me now. Before that even I was very emotional. Crying all the time over almost nothing. Pretty unlike me. Sometimes feeling like I have no idea who I am. And some emotions I have never felt that are so horrible it's polarizing. I've stopped dead in my tracks because of how fucked up I feel sometimes. Also I'm extremely agitated. I ahvjt had one of those "I want to fight someone" episodes since that first one but ya I still get pissed off easily.

Paranoia - over thinking and obsessive thoughts. Especially after the break up. Can't break the cycle

Yup this sucks

How I cope

I just keep going. And I do whatever it takes to make life as stress free as possible. I've started journaling and looking at myslef in the mirror reaffirming I will get through this. It's been invaluable in keeping me grounded and motivated. Looking at yourself in the eye and saying positive things is one way to combat all of this. Even at times at my worst when I don't feel like myself at all I still do this and it breaks that wall down a little bit.

Seeing myself in a passing reflection and nodding to myself "I got this" no matter how bad a day I'm having. It might seem crazy but if it's helping it can't be. Whatever it takes.

I'm also trying to remain busy around good friends. I'm in a band and we've managed to play out of town shows and I never thought we would. Or I would be able to. Sometimes I forget lyrics and get flustered really easily but I power through.

Working out helps too. Sometimes I can't beat the symptoms at the gym and I have to leave. But on the days when I can I always feel better. Sometimes even symptom free when I'm on the treadmill. It doesn't last long but it's always a relief.

Eating right. I've cut out sugar, rice and grains from my diet. My brain fog is still bad but it was worse when I was eating that stuff. Listen to your body and stay committed. Fresh veg and meat. No processed crap. Considering I was a guy who would order pizza 5 nights a week this is a huge improvement. But then again I'm in survival mode

So even through all this I'm still staying positive, even when I feel there is no end I actually know there is. And I'm doing my best to call out when I'm experiencing a symptom opposed to somethign I may actually be feeling.

Believe me when I say if I can do this ANYONE can. And I know I'll beat this and get some of my life back.

Stay strong.

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