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Anyone tried Corticosteroids ??

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I recently made an awesome discovery ..I was perscribed steroids for my asthma recently ..I started taking them and they were also helping my reactions to everything! ..I have feared for a long time that Iboga caused massive inflammation in my cns which may be causing my visual disturbances ..and also multiple sclerosis. I plan on seeing a neurologist next month and I may consider trying high dose steroids to see if it fixes my vision.

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I have had a chronic daily persistent headache for 5 months. I assume it is migrainous in nature. Doc put me on Lamictal to try and prevent them, but it hasn't helped. In fact, if anything, the headaches and afterimages are worse.

I am considering asking for a taper of prednisone to 'break' the headache cycle. I have read on the visual snow forum that this has helped some people. Will keep you updated.

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lamictal is found to decrease perfusion in the brain. I don't know is it happening in the relevant areas though..

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lomerizine this is something that interests me.. used for treating migraines, improves perfusion, blocks Ca2+ channels - sounds like a perfect candidate


I have focal hypoperfusion and i have a feeling other ppl with hppd could have it too as the hypoperfused areas of the brain are resposible for language, communication (even with yourself) and planning, thinking etc...which correlates with the symptoms of hppd.




mycall81 headache can be a symptom of inadequate blood flow in the brain

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