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Benzos don't help?

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ive taken lorazepam before about 1 year ago, every time I took it I did a lot solely to get high and don't remember it's affect on visuals, I just know it made my depersonalization worse. Recently after being sober off of everything for about 8-9 months I took 2 mg of klonopin a friend got for me. It took away the physical feeling of adrenaline, like I felt like i wasn't rushing anymore. When I was on it and off it it made my visuals worse! I've never heard of this has anyone had this affect?

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benzos are worse for dr because one of the side effect can be dr i read it on the prescript

buth dont think benzo wil do the job

you need to start getting grap a active life or add intensieve sports like running and swimming or byckling

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