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So I went online and did more research on HPPD and found this list of symptoms. I put a red dot next to the symptoms that I have. I had no idea the size distortions were part of HPPD. The one symptom that I have that was not on this list is the brain fog and I also have visual distortions where it looks like the air is moving

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Ok the picture isn't showing up.

This is what I have

-after images - I look at an object for a long period of time and look away and I still see it

-difficulty reading - texts sway back and forth

-flashes of yellow on white surfaces

-halos around bright objects such as signs, my phone, etc.

-objects appear to sway back and forth

-size distortions


-brain fog - have difficulty processing texts, instructions. When teachers would go over instructions, I would have to ask them to go over it again and would still not get what they are saying

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my symptoms



-static/floaters, mainly when looking at the sky or walls



Those were my only symptoms until I started smoking weed. Now I have 


-ghosting - i stare at an object and the outlines dissappear (something like that)

-pareidolia: seeing objects within objects. Faces. that one is freaky. Like, the clouds make faces, or random patterns make faces. The weed looked like a monster. and they have personalities too, its weird. The computer was like a Space Soldier. thats my most traumatizing symptom.


-random dots of color

-increased pattern recognition

-sometimes, morphing



I dont get tracers, halos and certain symptoms like that





I wonder if theres a fundamental difference between different types of HPPD, or if its just random



*my symptoms seem to be diminishing,

-i quit all drugs including caffiene

-i try not to obsess about symptoms 

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im not sure i think hppd seems to be a differnt version of dp/dr- disorder...if you look at symptoms of  dp/dr- disorder you will see static, wierd changes of perception also including hallucinations, panic attacks, anxiety, brain fog, migraine and so on..im sure most of hppd sufferers also have these symptoms...there must be a connection..


have this shit for 5 month now


my symptoms:

° seeing faces out of random surfaces

° brainfog

° anxiety

° dp/dr

° depression

° migraine

° dizzyness

° nausea

° panic attacks (are wiped out these days)

° and i dont know why but visual symptoms like morphing, ghost images, light sensitivity and static are slowly fading the last days

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