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A place to grumble :)

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I guess we all have some shitty days because of HPPD, other disorders, meds and life in general... Perhaps having a topic dedicated to just bitching about these stuff can help releasing some of the tension :)


So here I go...


After spending 4-5 months full of suicidal thoughts, I started taking Lamictal and Wellbutrin again two months ago. I wanted to see my previous pdoc, but I can't find her anywhere so I went to another guy to ask for his opinion. I wrote all about my psychiatric history and drug use and hppd and stuff. he was fascinated by the way I wrote everything so clearly, but after that everything became soo unprofessional. He was like "come on, shrooms won't cause any permanent harm.. I know, I used them too." I had to have him look up on DSM to convince him that a thing called HPPD existed. Even after that he was still kind of joking around...


He put me off Wellbutrin and prescribed Cipralex, Diazepam and "something like Seroquel" which turned out to be just another brand of Quetiapine. I knew that the SSRI's and antipsychotics don't work for me, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Hell, I've never been closer to actually commiting suicide!


Anyways, after a hellish week, I returned back to Lamictal and Welbutrin and everything has been going well for a while... Few days ago, I learned that Welbutrin is no longer sold where I live. The drug company isn't importing it anymore because "IT WASN'T PROFITABLE!"


Fucking capitalist bastards who don't care about patients at all!


I am so angry and panicking about what will happen after I finish the ones at hand. (I'm open to drug recommendations that are similar to welbutrin btw)

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Sorry to hear of your trouble :(.  Pdocs are usually pretty useless with this stuff- at least from my experience.  The first doc I had told me I had probably "done some permanent damage to my brain" and that I should probably take a multivitamin and stop doing drugs.  Pretty much falls under the "no shit" category.


Maybe you could have your doc refer you to a neurologist?  I'm on my second psychiatrist/neurologist.  The guy I see now hadn't heard of HPPD but was open to it and had some helpful advice regarding possible treatment.  He wants to put me on an anti epileptic (Lamical) but I wanted to switch SSRI's first to see if that would take care of some of it.  Unfortunately it stopped being effective and I might have to take him up on the Lamictal offer :(.  May I ask your experience with it?


A neurologist might be more helpful to you in getting your Wellbutrin considering it works for you.  Doctors can write orders for the name brand of a med specifically so I don't know why they couldn't write an order that stated you needed the drug and have it shipped in for you or something.  There's a lot of red tape around meds nowadays.  General practitioners don't understand med sensitivity and would probably just want to switch you to something else to make their money/treat their patients.  I can't imagine it wouldn't be available at all to you considering they use it for a lot of different things.  You could try getting on Zyban (which is buproprion- same as welbutrin) for "quitting smoking", but it's the SR version not the XL.


Hang in there!

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Aah the thing is I'm living in Turkey... Normally I can get those meds without a prescription, but Wellbutrin is not available in Turkey anymore. Seems like Zyban will be available again but none of the pharmacies have it at the moment.

I guess it is possible to have it delivered but I think it's illegal to just order it online by myself (Still I might get away with that, I don't know...) If I want to obtain it legally, after getting a prescription I'll have to deal with lots of paperwork through the Pharmacists Association or the Ministry of Health, even then I might not get it because it's not on the list of approved meds at the moment... There's not much that a doctor can do about it as far as I know. I'd just stop using it rather than dealing with all that shit.


This was my sixth pdoc since highschool (not all related to hppd). The previous one was great, but yeah they usually suck. The neurologists that I've seen weren't any better.

I wasn't using Wellbutrin for HPPD by the way, but it helps with my depression and brain fog.

Lamictal has been very good for me actually, when I was taking 200mgs I was quite HPPD free. Now I'm taking 100mg because I took a long break in between. I do have some hppd symptoms again but they don't bother me much so I don't know if I'll increase the dose. I'd totally recommend giving it a try...

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