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how is your sport condition


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How is your sport condition does hppd effects your condition i did 5 weeks running in the fitness center when i try to run outiside i was aybel to run only 100 meters and i was out of breath

In the fitness i can run 4km non stop buth now after 3 months i can run 1 km outside

I think after 5 year smoking siggarets and dont doing sport my body inside is very bad shape i think smoking has harmed the most

Wat a shame smoking using drugs quiting sport its to highway to disaster and pusing your buddy to geth free enjoyment whitout working for it i learn my lesion buth a littel bith to late

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I go to the gym everyday and play 4-5 football matches everyweek. I still smoke bad hash and tobacco and my body is getting beauty slowly. I gained 20 kg when I took Gabapentina 2 months. I was 69 before Neurontin and 89 after. Now Im 84 and still waiting results.

I prefer play football to aerobic exercise because I dont like running in bicicle at gym.

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