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Ecstacy and Sex...


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Jerking off/blow jobs (yes I'm still a Virgin) causes my symptoms to increase about 25% at most, but makes me feel really depressed after. I would never have sex on ecstasy because ecstasy already forces tons of serotonin out and sex causes a lot to be released to so maybe the combo cause to much serotonin to be released causing problems with the serotonin receptors (hppd or serotonin syndrome)

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Not sure about sex on E in particular, but I remember having intense closed eye visuals after orgasms waaay before hppd, even when I wasn't on any drugs.


I always had vivid closed eye visuals since I was a kid, and orgasms magnified it somehow. I used to think that it was pretty normal, and I was very surprised when I found out that most people didn't have them.

I'm curious if that might be a sign that you are prone to developing hppd. Weird thing is, I don't have them since I got hppd. But I'm not sure if they disappeared with the onset of hppd or after I started taking meds.

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