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(My experience) drinking

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tge last time I had alcohol was about a year and a half ago when my visuals were bad and my depersonalization full blown, at that time I was convinced my life was over and every day I had horrible depression, headaches etc so i cant remember my experience with alcohol. Yesterday I got my hands on a 24 oz beer, I chugged it which got me relatively drunk as I have no tolerance. Throughout my buzz I felt just like anyone would feel when drunk, reduced anxiety, little hard to walk perfectly, no effect on visuals though. As I drank it at around 5 I went to bed with a little headache but woke up with no hangover. My visuals increased around 20% particularly snow and ghosting. I am posting this as there are a lot of people asking about drinking, I will keep you updated if the visuals don't reduce back to normal

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Drinking seems to be a completely variable issue. It almost seems unnecessary to discuss unless major problems are encountered. I can drink more or less fine, though I haven't gotten absolutely shitfaced since I got hppd. The next day I may notice a bit more burn in afterimages but those go away by the next day. I've more or less accepted that I'll probably never be able to do any other drug again so I'll enjoy what I can do.

HPPD, while completely objectively different, seems to be a bit like depression or psychosis. Every case is a unique one, with the exception of some general guidelines we're all gonna react differently to whatever we put ourselves through.

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I drink few beer few times at a week i am doing this now for two months and when drunk lifts most symtomps and no negative effect te day after this is my experience and do lot of diffrents sports i notice after few months this is the best option medication use only if no other choise the effect of sport are much stronger then any other medication thats what i beliving and i experience that buth i hate it buth its wats every body want we wont always more mayby i can reach after few years serius sporting be close to normal

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