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I've seen hppd caused by all sorts of drugs but I'm wondering if anyone else has it from prescription/over the counter medication? I got it from mixing different kinds of pills (none illegal) when I was 12 and at 24 it's still just as prominent. I woke up the next morning and carpets melted, everything fuzzy, desks at school would morph to look ten feet long, suddenly I was stuck in a trip that never ended. I was sober on and off through my teens but it never helped, now almost a year completely sober from everything including cigarettes things are just as trippy. My doc says at this point just accept it and stop fighting it, a part of me knew that already but another part of me misses waking up to the walls being still and looking at the sky without the static and black dots darting around, no after images and starbusting and all that other fun stuff.

What I wish is that there was more awareness about this, maybe it wouldn't stop everyone but it might stop a few. We learn the dangers from unprotected sex and that drugs are bad but things like this aren't public knowledge, they should start accepting it as a real problem and teach the kids hey maybe you won't overdose but you might end up like this forever. Or if there was more awareness new sufferers can instantly put a name and somewhat of an explanation to it, I was struck at a young age and being young is tough and lonely enough without feeling like you're the only person on the planet with this disorted image of what used to be the real world.

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