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Anyone else have my symptoms?

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I have symptoms like anxiety, (normal i guess). I also have not experienced snow for at least 11-12 years. I get a visual like a lot of things have an evil feel, aura like. Contrast white and black like the shadow around a white light socket cause this evil feel, sometimes it hurts my eyes to look at. Its uncomfortable to say the least. I get this visual on peoples faces and heaps of other things and it all seems to focus around contrast. Hmm...i feel iv gotten onto something there now

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There are two major separate visual systems. One, Ambient Visual Processing (where we feel), is high speed and connects to midbrain including amygdala (fear response). The other, Focal Visual Processing (where we think), is slower and where we place attention.

Perhaps your ‘evil feel’ is the ambient system on overdrive. Have you tried anti-anxiety meds? Or anti-seizure meds?

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