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Over 1 month ago I had 3 or 4 strong drinks at a party and while I was going to sleep I felt like my brain shook. The next day I had a panic attack and ever since my anxiety and tinnitus has gotten worse (I hear it everyday now a couple of times throughout the day) and my head pressure and sensations have gotten worse as well. I also had trouble with dizziness when standing up or exercising (it has gotten better over time) so I decided to finally go to the doctor. I got an MRI of the brain done today with special attention to the internal auditory canal (the first part was done without the dye and the second part was done with it). I'm going to get the results in a few days and I'm going to a neurologist and going to the ENT to do an ENG test. This sucks because I was doing really good before the party. I don't think the alcohol played a role since I drank before a bunch of times without any serious problems but maybe it did.


I want to know if anyone has done the ENG test before and how they felt after (HPPD wise). People report feeling a "roller-coaster" sensation after and I can imagine that being worse with HPPD.

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My personal advice: Stay away from the contrasting dye agents they give in MRIs and other scans. Gadolinium (the contrast dye that is commonly used in MRIs) is a highly toxic metal. I had my MRI on Monday and now I am experiencing a lot of heavy metal toxicity symptoms. The radiologist convinced me that since it is my first time and I don't have diabetes, or any kidney or liver problems I should be fine. It turns out there are many people out there with the same issues as me and many a lot worse. Others get an acute allergic reaction without experiencing metal toxicity. I have been drinking a lot of water and I don't think that it's enough. The body eventually clears out Gadolinium if you don't develop NSF (only people with serious kidney and renal issues get NSF) however it can take months to years for this to happen. Does anyone have experience with chelating therapy and/or metal toxicity?

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Update - The MRI came back completely fine. Even after 23 months of HPPD the brain is alright I guess :P

A neurologist examined me and told me I'm fine and that I can try vestibular rehabilitation therapy for my head pressure and/or meclizine for my dizziness. I decided I'm going to wait it out since walking, jogging, and sprinting everyday has been helping me a great deal. I'm not doing the ENG for now.

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