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Question about alcohol

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So I know this question has been answered countless times but I'm asking for a different reason.

How does alcohol, in moderation, affect your HPPD. I'm planning on going to a party next Friday at a friend's place and it's going to be a bit of a reunion for my high school buddies and I'd love nothing more than to be able to have a few beers.

It may just be rationalization, but do y'all think this could be an opportunity to test how alcohol affects my HPPD? I'm intending on limiting myself to five servings of alcohol. Just enough to get jolly drunk (I'm 6 foot 2 so I can tolerate a lot of alcohol). I'll drink plenty of water to fight of a hangover (that's what I hear most people have issue with). If at any point I feel uncomfortable I'll stop drinking. Does this sound like a safe way to go about this? My HPPD seems to be improving albeit pretty slowly. My symptoms haven't lessened in severity but they are becoming less consistent if that makes any sense.

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Had three beers last night. They were IPAs so it was more like six when you consider most of the canned beer we degenerate college students drink is low in alcohol content. Those three beers got me more pleasurably drunk than I expected.

I noticed a bit more after-imaging off of things emmitting light (TVs, streetlights) but it wasn't distressing, I was drunk after all. Not sure if that has remained, in still sitting in bed and I didn't get much sleep last night. I never sleep very well drunk unless I have so much I pass out involuntarily, then I sleep like a baby hahaha

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Got my hands on some whiskey, don't ask how, but it's like 20 oz and I really wanna get fucked and I remember when in the first year of this shit when my mind was gone it justade me more confused but idk what it will do now since I'm basically cured, but still have persistent dnow

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