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anyone else experience this

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Last night I experienced what may or may not be a new symptom. I was in my bed looking at my phone and whenever the light coming off my phone changed (ie. went from a darker app to a lighter app), I would experience a wisp of blue/purple (I'm colorblind) light in my lefthand periphery. This caused a bit of anxiety but weirdly after a couple of minutes this went away and I haven't experienced it since. One night a couple weeks back I saw the only other "true" hallucination I've had, and that was a similar wisp of color in the dark but I haven't experienced that since.


By true I mean a completely independent hallucination, not a reaction to already present visual stimuli (I see no patterns on walls or in the dark). This whole HPPD thing is really weird. I'll have a really good day with hardly any noticeable symptoms then the next day I'll notice my symptoms, though they are admittedly pretty mild. Overall I'm feeling pretty good, still confident this will go away in time, I'd like to be able to enjoy some beers with my friends this summer though I'm pretty positive I'm done with weed for good but that doesn't really bother me. I'm still abstaining from all drugs except for one time last week I sipped my friends beer because he "swears it's the best beer ever". 


edit: the beer was pretty good

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