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my symptoms-hppd?

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so a little over the year ago i took a pretty damn large amount of mushrooms and never quite came back in more ways than just seeing stuff. it's not like i became an obviously different person at all or anything though, my perception of things has just wildly changed far beyond just visual.


anyways its visual snow mostly. but it's more like static. but it's not really. it's multi-colored. it looks kind of like tiny little numbers too small to read and there are bajillions of them across my whole visual field. especially on white/black or any blank surface. 


also i have tracers/afterimages but its hard to tell what is from hppd and what is just normal visual perception. but motion blur is definitely exaggerated. also when i move my cursor with the mouse, i see a distinct set of like 6 other cursors that aren't blurry or traily at all, they are just the solid black cursor. the ones that are furthest away from the actually cursor (its easy to tell) is usually a more faded gray. the middle one i guess would be the most solid. is that normal at all? i kind of think i always saw that. 


anyways also with lights at night its pretty bad and sometimes (but i don't think it always happens) when i look at a light and then look away i see a series of those lights and they make a tracer type deal thats just a bunch of repeating lights that goes in whatever direction i turned my eye. it doesn't happen with something like my computer screen, just small lights. other than that, streaking is just really bad. headlights at night and also when i move my eyes. 


i smoke weed 24/7 which definitely makes it worse/different but i really don't mind it at all in the first place. although it is definitely present without intoxicants. i have tripped about 5 times since. both times it did not change the severity of the symptoms but it changed the form and function of the static. like instead of clustering it might make lines or sort of buzz. acid made it much less easy to see each individual grain of the static and it is now more like a sort of fuzz. 


is it real hppd or just regular visual phenomena? 

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my symptoms: dizzyness, hypothermia, dp/dr, eye pressure, a little nosebleeding but every day, less sleep, depression, feeling exhausted every and all day, visual morphing, visual snow, hearing the silence, migraine, anxiety, brain fog, suicidal hopes


....i just want to die if there is no end i will find one soon...you were lucky so be happy with your symptoms 

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Hey man,

To be honest the visual static is something that may have been triggered from tripping... But what you're talking about tracers/afterimages I think you're just overlooking it. If you follow an object and you don't receive tracers, than that's fine.

Your symptoms sound similar to mine... Coming on this website made me feel more anxious about them/notice them more but it's just random visual phenomena that can come and go, and I reck if you take a break from drugs for awhile youd see a difference. Few of mine have really gone awAy/less noticeable and it's been less than a year. Sometimes I think it's just migraine aura anyways.

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