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David S. Kozin

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<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">I have been working as hard as I can while also seeking a job as a Research Assistant for a year. I so far have not made a single cent since I earned my degree, but have spent money I don't have. NODID no longer exists, so I can't accept donations. Or, you can send e-mails to hppdresearch@yahoo.org explaining the work that I have done and the need to help defray costs of hosting and keeping this community open for 10 years, producing 4 research protocols, and changing a landscape of how to use these web sites.

  1. I have ultimately decided on this board to be hosted with a service specific to this message board. This is all it handles, so I think it is worth the money. I have faith in this group, and don't want to move everyone over again. I am reducing the cost on this to 19.99 a month. This includes chat room/etc... which all seems to function so long as I don't screw anything up on my end.

  1. The rest of the work is hosted with Rochenhost. They are a green-friendly, honest, highly efficient (The CEO responds to my requests), and a company willing to go above and beyond for me even when I wasn't a client. So, I purchsed a "reseller" package that hosts these different web sites. This is my cost, and visiondisorders.org is going to be its own special entity.

  1. I have made friends in the media and have had conversations about an HPPD piece in large media and large marketing.



Catch your attention? They should, and they are ours.

So, I am preparing for an initiative, but any funds could help! I'm trying to offset the cost of the web sites and in return give these web sites the visibility they need.

I took a big initiative to put HPPDonline.com back on the search engine list. I see it pops up 7th on Google compared to NEVER, which is a huge improvement.

This is shown in the following graphic of traffic to the message board:

This is raw traffic increase this month:

857 Unique Visits. We just started.

Now, I am adding:

VisionDisorders.org is also a location for content. All of the web sites involved will be posted today.



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