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the last 6 weeks


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Hi all, I don't intend to use this account very much as I'm not that "into" my symptoms and subsequently just want some of your guys' first opinions.


My HPPD started about 4 weeks ago but I believe it is from my only experience with a true psychedelic, 25i-nBOME, 6 weeks ago.


I took the drug and was fine for two weeks and resumed my daily (albeit relatively light) use of marijuana and occasional alcohol. After one particularly intoxicated night I noticed a slight "busy-ness" to the solid grey carpet in my hallway. It actually crossed my mind that this might be HPPD but seeing as how I was pretty messed up I paid it no real mind and went to sleep. Over the next couple of days I smoked weed 2 two more times without ill effect, but the carpets were still "busy" (by busy I mean a slight shimmer somewhat similar to visual snow). I had something of a panic attack 3 or 4 days after my initial observations and quit smoking weed (I still wasn't completely convinced that I had HPPD). Over the next few days I convinced myself that I saw visual snow on solid-color walls and slowly I descended into anxiety over these symptoms. Over the following days and weeks I have noticed the following.


  • Slight ghosting of text (if i space out, a copy of the text I'm reading will "creep" out from below it but if I blink my eyes and focus it goes away so it doesn't interfere with my reading that much)
  • After-imaging that doesn't really interfere, only happens with high contrast (text on a computer, bright lights etc.)
  • Ghosting of circular light sources (moon, ball lights etc.)
  • That "shimmer" in carpets
  • Light sensitivity (not quite starbursting as I don't think that the spread of bright lights has increased)
  • Maybe, just maybe though, some minor trailing (though I don't notice this with car headlights which makes me think it's not actually one of my symptoms).
  • Maybe some slight wall breathing if I stare, but this isn't consistent ie. I can stare at a wall and convince myself it's breathing but more often than not I can't even do that.

That's about it. Weirdly the VS I thought I saw on solid walls is either gone or was never there in the first place. Over all it's pretty minor, doesn't really interfere with much though I'm not completely comfortable driving until I see how this pans out. It doesn't seem to be getting worse and since I got it from only one use of psychedelics I'm pretty convinced that I am going to be better soon. I haven't touch alcohol or weed since my panic attack, I drank caffeine for a couple of weeks and didn't notice any effect but for safe measure I've cut that out as well. I guess my only question to you guys is what do you think of my experience? I don't really get worked up over my symptoms anymore though I do spend a good deal of time thinking about them. I spoke with a family friend psychiatric professional and he told me that I can expect it to go away in a matter of months given my continued sobriety and he assured me that it won't get worse (though this doesn't exactly line up with anecdotal reports of peoples' HPPD getting worse without aggravation, go figure). I'm a first-year university student who is confident in myself and my ability to overcome this, I'm just wondering if you guys have anything to add or suggest. Don't expect me to be a regular face around here though you all will be some of the first people I contact if need be. Cheers.

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I'm feeling better everyday. My ghosting of text is becoming less and less of a problem. Ghosting of diffused light sources is greatly decreasing. After-images still there but they're hardly ever noticeable unless I force them. Staying Positive.


Peace all.

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I don't want to start a new topic because I realize that can get annoying. But I have a question about static. I read a lot of people's posts and they describe static as being colorful and dense. Some people describe it as being able to form into patterns after awhile. Mine is nothing like that and I just now found the words to describe it.

I kindly of have an "visual buzz" most apparent when looking at carpet or other textured surfaced. I don't get it very bad at all with glossy painted surfaces, but textured walls and fabric are no longer "solid" if that makes any sense. I don't really notice it unless I look for it so it isn't debilitating. Do others experience static like this?

I'm just trying to differentiate between what is HPPD and what isn't.

A few days ago while in the company of friends I asked them if they could see double of headlights through the windshield of my friends car, and they all could. This was one of my most troubling symptoms and I now know it's a normal element of human vision. It seems that HPPD is disintegrating around me which is a good thing. I still have after images and my ghosting is still apparent though less common. I had a caffeinated cup of coffee today and my visual symptoms were unaffected though I had a bit of anxiety due to the prospect of them being affected but no objective difference was experienced. I'm getting better.

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