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Administrators (Great Job!)

David S. Kozin

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It has been a very difficult dance with permissions and access in order to:

1) Protect the community

2) Promote the community in Search Engines

3) Not deter new users with complex validation

4) Deter spammer accounts with complex validation.

Merkan and others have been on here deleting spam and it looks as if they have invested too much time on this task, and should be thanked (Thanks!), but as a result I am going to invoke the following rule for new users:

The Message Board hosting service uses a mechanism across its own sites and other message board web sites to identify spammers by IP address (and subnet), e-mail address, and other proprietary methods. The current settings will mark a spammer, but not prevent them from posting. I will engage an automatic prevention on these accounts.

If your account is marked as a spam account, you can contact one of the administrators to have it removed by reasonably proving your reason here is legitimate.



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