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I think that I know Why Marijuana Is The Worst For Us.


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It seems like every single person, weed made their HPPD   worse. 



1.Marijuana affects the amygdala which is in charge of fear. 


2.People report feeling derealized and DP from weed EVEN WITHOUT HPPD. Weed(indica) (CBD) creates a sort of "brain fog" which dampens the ability of the brain to make neural connections. 


3. You experience a loss of dopamine the day after pot. 


~Sativa strains are stimulants, so when the THC wears off, your brain is destimulated.(i think so at least)



In the "weed hangover", you still feel high. but its groggy and anxious  

1.you feel more fearful since the amygala is out of balance

2. the CBD in weed makes the neural connections hazy since it lingers in the brain even the day after smoking. 

3. The loss of dopamine makes for a more "dreamy" feel,  less focus. Creative people have lower dopamine (like in ADD/ADHD), and have been associated with insanity. so low dopamine=lessfocus=less contact with reality=derealized. Also, anti-psychotics like Resperidol(spelling) exaserbate hppd in most and they lower dopamine. my point is that low dopamine=derealization


Plus weed is a psychadelic. 


so with

1.a damaged amygdala -INCREASED FEAR, (sativa)




that seems like x3 exponential excerbator of HPPD.



Ive done a lot of research on weed on the internet so thats my subjective experience.


Many more factors key in like Indica or Sativa strains. Theres hundreds of chemicals in cannabis.


sativa strains cause psychosis by making the feeling of a dream and paranoia while indicas just couch lock and apathetic ..... 


for me, indicas seem to cause a shit ton more floaters probably cuz im zoned out. 







Coffee increases dopamine, valerian root/Taurine decreases anxiety/green tea calms and increases dopamine. Magnesium is great. Meditation and Yoga are good. 


Ive found that doing scary stuff that pumps adreanline thru my body makes me feel more alive but thats just me.


Not to mention Im diagnosed with ADD and ADHD so i have low dopamine levels to begin with ... 

when i smoked weed(sativa), the next day i had no control over myself and had a meltdown in school. if it was a job, i would have been fired. I was totally iritable, anxious . Then a couple days later the weed was leaving my system and I felt derealized maybe becuase of the loss of brain blood flow or loss of CBD(anti anxiety)



IDK if this all makes sense but thats my subjective opinion, hope it helps. 

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My theory is that it is the gasses trapped in the weed (Primarily Nitrates/Nitrogen) smoking these gasses is what worsens the conditiion. Weed is often over fertilised with nitrogen rich fertiliser, this problem is made worse as commercial weed is often quick dried without a correct cure which would alow the gases to escape during the process. As crazy as this probably sounds to you I tested this theory while I was still experiencing HPPD symptoms. I first smoked the weed as is and it made my symptoms spike for about 48 hours I was also overly paranoid and it was not a fun time, I then water cured the same weed for a week changing the water everyday (you should see the crap that comes out of it) I then smoked it and it was like a totally different beast .. it was relaxing and enjoyable though it lacked most of the flavour and smell. I have a friend who does not  have HPPD but he used to enjoy smoking weed until one day he started getting really bad anxiety whenever he toked up I managed to convince him to try the watercured weed (in the name of science) and he had no problems to his amazement. I am not encouraging people to smoke weed but I think this information should be shared. Obviously try at your own peril

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I just want to add I only did this because I got the idea in my head one night and really wanted to try it I did not do this on a regular basis as I was really scarred it would ruin my chances of recovery and you should be to. Also consider the possible placebo effect as a two person trial is hardly a trial at all.

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