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did anyone geth worser after meditation


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Yes. This is one of the strangest thing i have had so far. I did a 15 minute guided meditation and my symptoms subsided almost to oblivion. Even the cognitve stuff. It lasted for some hours then i was back in the HPPD loop again, much worse for six weeks or something like that.

Kinda sad it didn't last or that i couldnt continou.

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Yeah, for me this is the worst thing about hppd - my symptoms get far worse by meditation - I'm much better if I'm keeping myself occupied/ distracted. Guided meditations are much more effective - even though I've completely lost the power to visualise I can feel the intention working and they will usually help balance my emotions out. Its tricky though when every alternative / energy healer you meet recommends you meditate regularly and can't seem to comprehend how intensely difficult meditation is in this state  

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