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Chronic Pain


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Is there any literature connecting HPPD with any other syndrome or chronic pain condition?

Perhaps problem with the HPA axis or other problem?

Need to know.


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Hope1, do you take anything for pain? I am also in chronic pain (with episodes of it at a less intense level). Currently I'm in a lot and was prescribed Norflex, which I'm not so keen on taking just because I never have and don't know if it crosses the blood brain barrier or would stimulate the CNS to worsen HPPD symptoms. I don't want to rely on narcotic painkillers.

In an attempt to add to your question, I personally do not know if any link has been scientifically proven, but over the years, I've certainly noticed what seems like a correlation with many hppd sufferers and DP/DR and pain. Do you have the latter (dp/dr) as well?

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From what I understand the sensation of dp/dr is this out of body going through life in the third person. I feel fucking retarded. Anyway are pain synergies associated with hppd localized in one place or throughout the body?

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Hope1----- i took a drug called Mebendazole; it's for if you get worms such as the ones in raw fish (sushi) etc. My symptoms esp. brain fog went away like 100% for hours. Comes to find out that the drug is used for cancer of the Adrenal Cortex. And i am a smoker it is also used for lung cancer, i think. .....Another odd thing---off topic--- is how some of these RC chemicals are metabolized in the lungs (pro-drug?), they think.

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